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Thanks for the turn-based mode !

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I wanted to express my thanks to the developers for the game, but especially for the game mode turn based. ❤️

I completely forgot how it felt and it's great.
I remember playing games like Ambermoon, Amberstar, Albion, and I loved that back then, and it was not without reason.

PoE 2 and also part 1 were good games in this sense, but the turn-based fight has only provided new shore for me.
That's the way classes that I do not like to play get a whole new impetus and offer me what I've been looking for.
In real-time or hand-made breaks, this feeling is completely submerged, where it really comes into its own in turn-based mode.

Well, I can only say, in the next part or game again builds such a turn-based mode, it is definitely worth it and it has friends as you see me.
PoE2 without the mode I would probably put aside early, I play it actually only in this variant.

I always feel good in real time if the game speed is generally manageable and feels like old MMORPGs, for example. Dark Age of Camelot, or the Classic WoW, or a game like Dragons Age Origins. Then healer classes are fun, even if they are singleplayer games. I loved playing a healer in DAO and I always like to play this class design.

Sorry for my bad English. I wrote it with a translator.
Above all, this post was about thanking you for the great tactical game mode and expressing that this has become rare but brings great joy, please, more of it.



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I'd like to chime in here.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  I've played RtwP games since the early 90's but have always had an affinity towards turn based games.  This has opened up a WHOLE NEW realm for me in this game.  I really enjoyed it before but now i'm LOVING it because it's a whole new thoughtful perspective on playing the game for me.  Even leveling up has me taking more time to properly plan my turn-based strategies.

I can't express enough my gratitude for the time you all took to bring this aspect to your game for us TB lovers.

Once again, thank you!

"Women were the reason I  became a Monk...and ah...the reason I switched back".

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