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Modding Patch Notes for v5.0.0.0040

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This is a list of changes from v4.1.0.0011 to v5.0.0.0040 that specifically affect modding the game. The patch notes for other changes to the game can be found here.
Check the documentation for more details on the functionality of added data properties.
Modding Patch Notes for v5.0.0.0040

  • Looping AttackBaseVisualEffects are now supported for all events rather than just AnimEvents. The effects are stopped on Impact.
  • Added ExperienceTableComponent.TrapLockXPIncrements
  • Added HostilityType.HostileEver
  • Added TacticalModeSettingsComponent
  • Added CombatSettingsComponent.MinimumRollToGrazeTacticalMinimumRollToHitTacticalMinimumRollToCritTactical
  • Added AttributeComponent.TacticalOverrideBonusesFormatString
  • Added CharacterStatsSettingsComponent.AttributeTacticalStrideMultiplier
  • Added DamageData.TacticalMinimumOverride / TacticalMaximumOverride
  • Added GenericAbilityComponent.ShowStatusEffects
  • Added StatusEffectDurationType.UseDuratonUnadjusted
  • Added GenericAbilityComponent.RandomizeStatusEffect
  • Added AIBehaviorDataComponent.CanEngage
  • Added AICombatMoveComponent.AbortIfImmobile
  • Added AIMoveComponent.AbortIfImmobile
  • (Community Request) Added IsAnyWeaponEquipped conditional
  • (Community Request) Added IsAnyWeaponEquippedInSecondarySlot conditional
  • Fixed a problem where oei_this was not properly initialized when checking soulbound advancement conditionals.
  • (Community Report) Fixed a problem where ModScriptHooks sometimes did not work correctly when loading very old savegames
  • Fixed a problem where scripts or conditionals that were called recursively would not receive correct values for special GUIDs

Thanks for working with us to make this game even cooler and more fun! I'm looking forward to seeing where you take it in the future.

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  • SChin pinned this topic

It seems that I'm no longer able to use the alpha/color element on sprites in the XML files.

Not a super huge deal, as I can work around it - just curious why this happened with the latest patch.

This means that instead of using the color tag "within" the sprite tag, I have to wrap it around the sprite instead.

Which means that this:

<sprite="Inline" color=#80e27eEE name="cs_health" tint=1>

...has to become this:

<#80e27eEE><sprite="Inline" name="cs_health" tint=1></color>


Any idea why that is, @BMac?

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Added StatusEffectDurationType.UseDuratonUnadjusted

I waited for this, thank you!
Only wish for UseValueUnadjusted :grin:

I know, i know, it will never gonna happens. Anyway, thank you for your support, @BMac.

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