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That's not a problem of Brilliant though but a problem of Wall of Draining. It should only drain secnds from benefical effects on the target:



Foe AoE: Steal 4 seconds duration from each beneficial effect on the target for 20 seconds


But instead it drains seconds from everything it hits even if it has no benefical effect on it at all (at least none that is visible). Look at burrows, destructables, mobs with zero benefical effect and so on.


It was even more overpowered when you could still cast multiple parallel instances. When they fixed that they obviously forgot to fis this additional problem as well. Or it's too complicated to fix. 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Easy fix would be to make Wall of Draining combat only. Now it is possible to stack hour of brilliant on first barrel you see, out of combat and finish for example Forgotten Sanctum. 

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