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Turn-based round down <6 sec afflictions mod possible?

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now that we know support for this game has ended, wondering how difficult would it be to change via mods, afflictions to round down to 0 if the duration is less than 6 seconds?

because right now afflictions always last 1 round even if it's a 0.1 second stun. So you can always reliably CC things since you only need to graze them.


I think those short afflictions should only transpire if you beat the 50 on the dice roll. i.e. a 'Hit', as opposed to a graze. that alone would do tons to balancing the power of hard CCs in turn-based.  (you might need some Intellect investment to bump those 4sec stuns up to 6 seconds, which I consider to be a fair trade-off)


unfortunately my visual studio code keeps crashing when I try to reformat any of the larger gamedatabundles to JSON, so i couldnt figure out where the relevant code could be :<    (if it is in there at all) 

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