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PoE2 is an incredible game but with a plot that seems a prologue for PoE3

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I enjoyed deadfire in only one campaign (today I finished it) for mor than 200 hours. It has been an incredible experience.


For me the plot is not a problem, even I liked the consecuences at the end, but I see the plot is like a small introduction for PoE3.


What do you think? There will be PoE3 or not?

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The 3rd game was planned by obsidian. At the end the plot makes that question: what lies in the east?


Seeing the "great" amount of devs' posts on this forum in the recent days makes me be more esceptical about a new Pillars of Eternity 3.

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Got mixed feelings. Up to a point where POE3 yes or no doesn't even matter to me. I did enjoy playing this game and probably will do so again, but the story is incredibly lackluster. I've stated this in other topics as well, but I feel that the main character has 0 impact on the events that unfold. I don't like that.

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Deadfire prologue:


- "Watcher, you have an incredible mision ahead"


- "Nah, I must return to Caed Nuah and clean up all the mess there"


The outcome at the end would have been the same. At least devs could have placed in Ukaizo a megaboss (a killable one, not like the other 4 megabosses).


Anyway, I loved the sandbox experience of Deadfire.

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