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Casting should be a Standard Action (as in D&D)



Is there any reason why casters have a "casting time" in Turn-Based mode? In D&D casting is a Standard Action, as well as in Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2.


As it is right now I'm having a terrible time getting the caster to do anything other than wait until a tank build has all enemies attacking them. That is the only way that any AoE spell is effective. Aloth is right now on the sidelines passing all his turns until the one oppertunity where enough enemies are Engaged so that he can cook off an AoE that helps with the fight. Otherwise he's played as support.


I have -never- played a turned-based game that did casting this way or AoE's (such as the Xcom series).


I see no reason, gameplay wise to put such a severe handicap on casters as to delay their spell casting. In the case of channelled spells which are full-round actions I can understand as these spells usually are more powerful or are DoT/BoT's of some sort.


None of the spells so far (perhaps further into end-game they will be?) are powerful enough to do anymore damage than a normal non-caster character.


Additionally the game (Turn-Based) is in serious need of a proper turn-based system and not just paused-one-action turns.


Lack of Move-Equivalent actions: If I didn't use my Move, I should be able to do a move-equivalent action; Drink a potion, Reload a Gun, Prepare/Cast a Spell, Switch Weapons, and so on. You could balance this by making Move-Equivalent actions draw attacks of opportunity (call it something else if you want).

Lack of Overwatch or Delay Action: Both D&D and other turn-based games have systems in place to allow a character that cannot take an action, or that is in a situation where taking an action on their turn isn't effective, to do so.

- Overwatch: a character on overwatch will attack an enemy based on a certain condition, usually if they move or attack.
- Delay Action: rather than miss your entire turn and go first on the next round. Delaying an action would just skip your turn and place you after the next character that goes. When your turn comes up again you can do it again. You can do this until you're last on the Round. If you delay again then you miss your turn for that round.

No Attacks of Opportunity: I may have missed this. Although there are -some- attacks when it comes to Disengagement, the system still doesn't take into account characters moving through the threatened areas of other characters. The Engagement system is very unintuitive in this as I've noticed that once my tank is "engaged" the AI will just ignore him and attack someone that is flanking them. Moving additional enemies past the Engaged tank, ignoring him, and moving unscathed to attack a rogue on the other side of the melee.


This makes no sense even tactically. In D&D, you drew attacks of opportunity if you did this. In Xcom you had Assault abilities that allowed an assault character to get a free strike on any enemy passing through their threatened area.


Models should not be able to push past models: Numerous times I've seen the AI simply push past their own and my guys to get behind the melee line and attack a caster or rogue in the back.


Let us decide what to attack when an additional attack triggers: My tank has an additional attack if his first attack kills an enemy. The PLAYER decides where this additional attack is made. It should NOT be automatic.


On at least two occasions, my tank could have killed two models; Because the system auto-allocated the attack to a healthy-fresh enemy (instead of the hurt one), I wasn't able to kill the second enemy threatening us.


Turned-Based means TURNED BASED. Everything is turned based and under OUR control, that includes additional triggered attacks, abilities, and such that our characters make.

Allow us to decide which crewmembers participate in a boarding action. I may have missed an option somewhere, but it seems who you get on deck is random?

Please allow us to decide who among the crewmembers gets to participate in a boarding action. I don't want my prized cannoneer or helmsman to be up top and would rather delegate the boarding-action to dedicated marines I have in reserve as well as my own heroes.

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