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FS Collection area


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I'm a bit confused here.  I'm currently in the Forgotten Sanctum's collections area (2nd level), but I'm rather confused about what I should be doing.  I have the two scrolls from Tayn and Llengrath.  But should I be entering each of these containment cells to check out the people?  or should I be ignoring them to  just try to get to the place where I can use one of those 2 scrolls to deal with the mindless prisoners?  This isn't like other areas in PoE1/2 that are fairly obvious what you're supposed to be doing, even if you may not know exactly what to do on one specific thing.  Sure, if one wants to do it Tayn's way, killing everyone in a cell is pretty much contrary to what he wants to do.


And I suppose a different yet related question might be, if one intends to do it Llengrath's way, will you get all the swag that the prisoners might drop if you use her scroll, or do you need to personally deal with each cell's prisoner to get the swag?



I guess that this area (thus far on the first 2 levels) seems rather empty if one just ignores the prisoners, particularly the 2nd level.  It's like … look at all the prisoners.  Oh, a couple of groups of defenders … dead.  Oh, look.  More docile prisoners.  And there's the path to the 3rd level....  Makes me wonder if I'm supposed to just clear out the first 2 levels' prisoners up close and personal.


What am I missing here?





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You can look at all the prisoners, but little easter eggs and hints aside, there's not much in each containment cell. The only prisoner of note is Berkana, whom you can interact with. You have to go down to the third level and fight a boss, then read whichever scroll you choose into a big inter-connective megaphone thing. If you plan on following Llengrath's suggestion, remember to help Berkana first, otherwise she dies as well. 

I chose Llengrath since I could get all the loot.  ;) You also unlock a special quest that only shows up if either of the two Archmages like you enough. If you do Tayn's bidding, you will disperse the prisoners' memories randomly and also have to screw over Llengrath later.



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So I completed FS for a second time and there is something very important to note - you can easily fail Berkana’s quest if you follow Llengrath's instructions. So if you want to complete her quest, do it asap (which corroborates what the poster above says).

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