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I'm not sure if I understand your question, but the spells have their own accuracy calculation which is based on PL and they don't get enchantment bonus added from weapons, but they will get a penalty from medium or large shields, while they won't get accuracy bonus from one handing.

However some of the accuracy buffs you can get from items will apply to spells.

Adaptive from Scordeo explicitly says weapons, so unless it's bugged it doesn't apply to spells, but honestly this is super easy to find out, just stack it up, use a spell, mouse over and shift in the combat log. ;)

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There's one universal "accuracy" stat players have, but there are "melee accuracy" and "spell accuracy" and "ranged accuracy" modifiers which can move that base stat around in certain contexts.


the "adaptive" bonus is "with all weapons" so it won't improve spell accuracy, but will improve accuracy with summoned weapons.

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