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Crash Report/DXDiag - Game Always Crashes on Startup



Every time I launch the game, it crashes immediately. I've included the crash report (which I had to change to txt files, because of upload limitations), as well as my DXDiag. I've tried reinstalling the game, performing a clean install of all my NVIDIA drivers for my RTX 2080, run an sfc, installed the latest Windows updates, installed the latest versions of DirectX and the Microsoft C++ Redistributable. I'll keep trying to figure it out, but any additional help would be appreciated. Thank you!





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Hey Jalix,


I'm sorry you are getting these launch crashes.  My first assumption is that this is the Citrix issue as it has been 100% of the reason people are crashing on launch from Steam.  Basically, Citrix (a networking program) updated their network receivers and that has caused issues for folks trying to launch Unity based games on Steam.  Other users who reported this issue said it was resolved by rolling back updates, uninstalling Citrix, or doing a fresh install of Citrix.  I'll post a link to the most useful forum post about this below:




Please let me know if this resolves your issue and if not, we will look into other avenues to get you back into Deadfire.


Thank you Jalix, and sorry for the trouble these crashes are causing.

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Citrix? Wowww. That was not even on my radar as a possibility for what was causing the video drivers to fail to load. You were 100% right. Uninstalling Citrix Workspace instantly resolved the issues I was experiencing. Thank you very much for your help SChin.

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