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Unique Item Effect Proc Balancing and Affliction duration

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Based on my current playthrough, something I notice that most of effect proc of unique item is very insignificant. Since in turn base (with current initiative system), each char can only act once or attack once, some unique item weapon procs become quite insignificant due to low percentage. I see some items with 1% or 5% proc. 10 % is still something debatable.


However, anything below 10% feels very weak in the current turn based system, where char can only act once, the probability for such effect to occur is quite rare, hence the unique item become rather, useless in a way. Unless the current initiative system is reworked or rebalanced, most of unique item proc would be rarely seen. 


Some beneficial affliction, such as Minoleta Piercing's Sigil can last up to 10 round, whereas the counter spell for it such as the cleansing flame, only reduce 1 round of it for being a tier 7 priest spell, makes the spell somehow less desirable, since any beneficial affliction that last less than 5 turns is kinda not worthy of such counter spell. 


I do realize this might be something of a personal taste, but I do believe something sort of balance can be worked on here. 



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Hey Nivodeus!


Thank you for the valuable feedback on item procs and Affliction durations.  I put all this information into a report for the team to go over with other similar feedback.  if you have anything else to add, please feel free to do so on this thread as I have linked it to the report to be used as a reference for the team.


Thanks again for all the help!

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