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I made a Furyshaper/Shifter and it's mad fun. Playing on Veteran so I don't know bout it's PotD capabilities, but it's tearing stuff up. I'm not versed enough on the build but it seems to get crazy speed increases. I'll have to post pics of my all Godlike Druid Crew (and Palle too). Surprisingly it's doing really well with all the summons, debuffs, and AoEs.


Anyone else have positive or negative experiences with a Tempest or any other cool Druid combos? (*pulls out Boeroer horn*)

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I'll post a pic tomorrow, but he's Veral, a Death Godlike who escaped slavery and has tremendous hate in his heart for his slaver captors. Savage pose. Pale Hide armor.


I have him equipped with the Lone Traveler ring and cape and just send him in on his own. Once he Spirit Frenzies he seems to go bonkers and just tear everything apart. I could be even more obnoxious with his stride if I wanted to, right now he has about +40% and then add Form of the Delegam and he is a missile.


And on top of that the totems and a few druid spells. Overall the Tempest has been the most pleasant surprise from all the builds I've experimented with. It doesn't fit my MC criteria but is a perfect adventurer for the Druid Crew. Other members include -


Garren Azule, Moon Godlike MC, Universalist (Lifegiver/Priest of Wael)

Tekehu - Druid

Waylan - Nature Godlike Ancient

Pallegina - Paladin

Verl - Death Godlike Tempest (Shifter/Furyshaper)

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I thought long and hard about a Shifter Tempest (eventually decided on Beastmaster, which I've been enjoying). I love the idea of the Barbarian's mobility and spike damage. But I was worried that low deflection would make it get focused down too easily to do anything interesting on POTD, and my experience with Serafen early on kind of made me feel that was right. Since you're not playing on POTD I guess that might still be the case but I'm glad you're at least having good results on Veteran - that's a good sign.

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I once did a Berserker/Fury with Deltro's Cage and Voulge - but it was focused on casting all kinds of shock spells before closing in. Once I got Blood Thirst (of course comes late) it was a lot of fun.


Furyshaper/Fury (just focusing on casting speed) could be fun as well. I did two Warlocks with the same principle and they were nice.


I actually never touched a Shifter.


Edit: ha... that came out so wrong...

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