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ranger multiclass?

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is ranger any good to multiclass for good range build such as dps or support?

if so what class and weapon i should partner with?  


if not whats the current top range build right now?



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Afaik there is only one ranger build in the build list. Every ranger comes with the shortcoming of a weak pet or a weak summon.



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I think Boeroer was testing some ranger builds he mentioned, including a geomancer that specialized in touch spells (like the 1st level ones) maybe and using phantasms?




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That Geomancer was melee. And unfortunately the Phantoms don't scale properly at the moment (bug).


Though I don't know if OP means "range" build or "ranger" build and only forgot the "r". ;)


A good dps/support buiild at the moment is Bleak Walker/Arcane Archer. Skill Arcana and grab Spearcaster. Maia's armor, AcinaƄs Tricorn, Ring of Focused Flames. You can shoot FoDs without accuracy penalty but instead get +10 from the Ring. Als Eternal Flames puts a lash on your Imbue shots which will have tremendous ACC (double scaling from Arcana). Imbue Fireball will get +5ACC from Zealous Focus, +10ACC from Ring, +10% lash from Eternal Endurance, 2*ACC bonus from Arcana and jump with Driving Flight and +1 PEN from Scion of Flame.

Besides that crazy high ACC and great damage with FoD/Imbue you can heal with Lay on Hands and do other stuff Paladins can do.


Best "range" builds are SC Streetfighter or SC Helwalker in my opinion. SC Fury also very nice. But that's rel. short ranged damage (blunderbusses).

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