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Crash every time I zone out of Port Maje jail 4.1



Attached is my save game. Specs: Intel 7700K @ 4.5 ghz, RTX 2080, all stable OCs that work fine on other demanding games. 


I do have the Special K DLLs installed but no other mods. My settings are per Kaldaien's recommendations. I have not tried resetting those because I dunno if I want to play this game at 40 FPS when I can play it at 100+ without the fixes. Other loading screens work fine. Just this save game deadends. I will try replaying the previous quest to see if it doesn't get broken again. 


Extremely disappointed considering that the game is less stable than it was at 1.0 and that performance fixes have not been made. 

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Hello Stacked,


I'm sorry you've been getting crashes transitioning back into Port Maje.  I was curious if the earlier save helped and if not, I'd love to grab that save file from you.  I don't see it attached here, likely because the forums unfortunately don't handle files well.  If you are still having this issue, would you be able to send the save file to me at support@obsidian.net so we can take a look into it for you?


Thank you Stacked and sorry for the inconvenience this has been.

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