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Some turn base feedback

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1. A terrified character can be stuck in pathfinding forever and force you to reload.
2.The maura fight in FS : If you trigger one-side of the enemies first then when you come to the other side, you will be stuck in enemy's turns and get bombed to death without being able to do anything.
3. For certain areas, all the enemies got aggroed at once. 
4. Sometimes certain enemies can attack several times in a row which I'm not sure if it's a bug or not
5. Sometimes the camera moves to weird places during the combat.

Balance issue:

1. Due to the change of action speed, my wizard(evoker) out damage the none-caster classes so hard to a point where all my none-caster teammates are nothing but meat shields.
2. Certain AOE mechanics become very hard to deal with (eg. the bombard in maura fight)

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Mind if I chime in?


General feedback improvements:

Engagement indicators need to be clearer.
Animations are needed for disengagement attacks and each cleave.



If you sneak-attack and kill a target outside of combat in one move, you can immediately hit pause then sneak again and combat won't start. This may actually be a feature.

However, what definitely is a bug is the fact that your character now has perfect stealth, and is to all intents and purposes invisible. You can now repeat this process on every enemy in the area, and as long as you take them out in one hit, combat will not initiate, even though enemies are exploding before their buddies' eyes.



Oh yeah, another couple of bugs I get quite frequently:


Mind Blades cast by the player can occasionally make all enemies invisible and untargetable; and this invisibility is not just limited to those hit by Mind Blades. It's all enemies. They become visible again only after the attack your characters. Interestingly, if you have a character that's still in stealth when this happens, you can see the invisible enemy's vision cone, but still can't damage them with AoE.


Grimoire pages often show just the last two spell entries and nothing else. Restarting the entire game can fix this.

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Hey everyone!


Thank you for the reports and feedback!  Some of this has already been reported, but the rest I'll be putting into a report for the team to investigate or consider.  If you have anything else to add, please continue to do so here as I will be linking this thread to the report for the team to use as a reference.


Thank you for all the help!

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