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Mac-PC cross platform purchase?



Hi! I Hope this is the right section to ask...and sorry for my poor english.
Some times ago i bought Pillars of Eternity 1 from the Mac App Store, sadly not from Steam, GoG or something similar (yes, i know, wrong move).
Now i don't own a Mac anymore. There is a way to transfer my purchase from the Mac App Store to my PC? I'm talking about the purchase, the game code, the right to download the game - not the savegames (found ton of information on that).
I have a backup of the old Mac disk if needed.

Thanks in advance

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You can write to support@obsidian.net and kindly ask if they want to send you a steam key so you can redeem the game on steam. You'd have to proof somehow that you actually bought the game and didn't sell it I guess...?

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