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Deadfire Cheats Not Working ?

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You type

into the console and press enter.


Then for example type

giveitem battle_axe_u_magrans_favor
and it should work.


The item will be put into your stash. If you already have such an item they will form a stack. In that case it's sometimes difficult to find between all the junk.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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 Solved. The problems were with the iroll20s not saving from each loaded game.  and also, the new cheat (giveitem)  is different than POE1 because you dont apply a number.. i also reccomend new players to dont give your character more than 1 name , this makes cheats way more complicated.

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Just to make sure you know, achievements are permanently disabled once you enter iroll20s. Those achievements are needed to get Berath's Blessings on the next play through. Also you should type iroll20s again when done adding cheats.

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