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Loving the turn-based combat. I put 16hrs into yesterday!!


There seems to be promblems in the Brass Citidel area. Ive had the game crash on me severals times today. Cant get in over 5mins of play time in the area. Theirs also an issue that animations during conversations freeze and you cant choose dialog options, but the space bar will make the characters say random things without knowing what they are responding to. 



If someone could post a Dropbox link.. Along with easy instructions I can send the error report. Or tell me what files to attach below.. Thanks

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Hello Serf,

I'm sorry you ran into those issues in the Brass Citadel.  We would love to take a look at the files you might have.  Most of the files would be in the crash folder and those would include the crash.dmp, error.log, and output_log.txt.  A save file where we can reproduce the issue would also be very helpful for us in the investigation.  If needed, you can find information on where you can obtain all of these files here.  If you could email those files to us at support@obsidian.net along with a link to this thread as a reference, we would be greatly appreciative.


Thank you Serf, and sorry for the inconvenience these issues are causing.

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