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Turn Based Mode's Effect on Mods

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Self explanatory. Will most mods need to update themselves for the turn based changes? Or will existing items and system changes use the existing systems natively in the new turn based combat? I'm mostly thinking about how custom item mods will be affected by this.

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I'm curious about this. There are two possibilities I see:


1) the programmers have managed to create the turn-based system such that it can read the standard data and "convert" it to turn-based, so modders don't need to do anything(and the programmers don't have to manually make a turn-based version of every attack and ability in the game)


2) they just haven't put all the turn-based data up yet because the patch isn't out yet. Generally BMac puts modding patch notes up ahead of the patch itself, during the beta. In this case TB mode isn't in the data, so there may be patch notes up today. Of course, BMac himself is apparently one of two people working on TB mode so he may be a bit busy!

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If you have data that was set up for RtwP it should, for the most part, just work in Turn-Based.  There are a number of rules we use to re-interpret the data to make it work, and they have been very reliable for our own data.
Certain effects might become a lot less useful in turn-based mode just based on what they do, though.  If you find that that's the case you can use different status effects in turn-based mode.  You just need to create a new status effect that does what you want in turn-based.  Include both effects in the status effect list, and add InclusionConditions to them that use the IsTacticalModeEnabled() condition.  The Black_Jacket ability, for example, does this.
Also, we just moved the newer patch notes over to this forum.

Of course, BMac himself is apparently one of two people working on TB mode so he may be a bit busy!

Today I'm mostly waiting to see what crazy problems you all might find, haha.

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