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Guys, the bugs...THE BUGS

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The bees the BEES! Ha jk (pts for reference). Guy (and gals) - I love PoE2. I appreciate everything that Obs has done. But the lingering and resurfacing bugs...


I just booted up an old save to play FS. Every time I come back to the boat I get a missive from Maia. Every time. I mean really? After all this time? And I'm encountering the super loud Drake sound at the digsite and Poko Horo, missing strings, and other anomalies.


Not really sure what the pt of me venting is, but I need to do it. I want to so bad to come back to Deadfire and have a smooth experience, but there always seems to be some anomaly popping up.


Maybe for the sake of constructive conversation, instead of me whining like an ignorant consumer, what is Obs up against? With the everything in the game is it easy to introduce new bugs and hard to fix small lingering ones?

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Looking at the forums quite a few new bugs appear with every major update.


I am not sure if some bugs can be retroactively fixed - like your Maia issue. Even if devs prevent it from appearing ever again save afflicted may not naturally recover.

It was fixed at one pt and resurfaced I iirc. Edited by Verde
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