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Hey everyone.  About to start my 3rd playthrough, but the last time that I really played was probably August or September.  Has there been any significant changes since then that I really need to be aware of? 


I've tried to keep on top of the updates, so I know that all the DLC has been released, which adds new areas and lots of boss options (and high level options in general).  But, in terms of rebalancing, or story or gameplay outside of the DLC stuff, is there any really big things that I should be aware of?


I plan on playing as full on "melee mage" (a paladin/mage combo).  I want to stick to staff for melee and magic for range.  That is about it.

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New subclasses!!  PoTD got the ending section toughened up a little, and I can't remember the dates but my best guess is you were playing for the first major re-blance, oh!  and they bumped the stats of enemies on Veteran I am pretty sure.  Tons of new Magran's challenges.  In terms of re-balancing for characters - I can't remember if they did any major changes to the "mage" class, but they did try to help the Paladin class a little, especially where Sacred Emulation was involved, if I remember correctly they lessened the damage from lighting yourself on fire ...

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