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v4.1.0 is now available on the Beta Branch


Hello everyone!
We have just placed our 4.1.0 patch onto the Beta Branches of Steam. Click here for instructions of how to join the Beta. Please bear in mind that many changes are still being worked on and added as we get closer to patch!  Please let us know if this patch has any unintended effects on your gamestate or if you encounter any new bugs from this patch, here in our beta forums. Thank you in advance for your help and feedback!!

Patch Notes for
Resolved Issues

  • Various typos in Forgotten Sanctum have been resolved.
  • Certain conversation prerequisites will no longer be incorrectly locked or unlocked in specific circumstances.
  • Prepared chants are now removed when respeccing a character.
  • Fixed issue where companion game objects were not removed if they left the party on the World Map.
  • The player will no longer be returned to the main menu on transitioning to or from Nekataka.
  • Characters are no longer reaching 0 HP and becoming invincible.
  • Due to the universal fix of assuring companions do not stay at 0HP and invincible, they will also not die if they leave your party due to going below deck.
  • Ciphers will receive focus for their first attack when attacking from stealth.
  • News on the Main Menu no longer displays out of date information.
  • The visual effects from Garrote originates from the correct hand.
  • Beguiler Focus will regenerate properly.
  • Fixed a bug with Wall of Frost displaying 0 base penetration.
  • Slippers of the Assassin no longer deactivate if player kills two targets at the same time with an AoE ability.
  • The journal will no longer display incorrect data when opened the first time after loading a save.
  • Disarming traps with multiple characters will no longer give multiple trap items.
    • Doors to The Scriptorium and both wings of the Halls Obscured no longer remain locked if Tayn and Llengrath have been killed before the first encounter with the Oracle.
    • Maerwald will no longer summon a Vela Clone while on Hylea's Challenge.
    • Maerwald's Soul Crush ability is no longer missing its string.
    • Revelating Missiles no longer hits Allies  as well as Enemies.
    • In the Hall of Reconfiguration, the Frightened Child's Imaginary Friends no longer bleed when struck with weapons.
    • Addressed issue where the Enchanted Armor in the Quarantined Section was remaining highlighted as an interactable when animated.
    • Salvation of Time cannot be empowered anymore.
    • Fassina is present in the Dark Cupboard if Forgotten Sanctum DLC is not installed.
    • After completing the Rauatai Coup, the Watcher can find Netehe and return the Huana Tablet to her.
    • Llengrath now remains in the Temple of Revelation after the events of the Forgotten Sanctum.
    • Enemies and Companions in the Drowned Barrows will either become knocked out or die as is intended.
    • Attacks with extra AoEs (Citzal's Spirit Lance, Whispers of the Endless Paths) will now have correct recovery when used with attack abilities.
    • The correct end choice will trigger after defeating Oracle and choosing the option to give Wael's body to Councelhaut.
    • The Courier's Calling encounter no longer triggers without Maia in party.
    • Shimmering Dreambeast now has a visual Shimmering effect to reflect its Shimmerstep ability.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing Lord Darryn's Voulge to be not obtainable if not picked up the first time the shipwreck encounter is triggered.

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I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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As thelee points out, Constant Recovery is a passive. It's a fighter-self-heal that runs for a certain time. Likely because they are amped up on special fighter-adrenaline.


[Only 20 pires for two ounces. Get yours today. Makes you smell all musky and have the bar for yourself at the local tavern. Also helps in combat.]

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