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I'm planning on starting a new playthrough in PotD, I've already finished the game on veteran with a party composed by my Rogue mc, Eder (fighter), Serafen (chiper), Xoti (priest) and Teheku (theurge) and I'm a bit undecide on what to play next.

I don't really care that much about min maxing builds but I would like to hear some ideas about "weird" and outlandish builds such as a high int rogue I've read about in this forum and differt classess synergies for a party composition

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Xoti blunderbuss monk with stunning surge

Tekehu Druid work darryns voulge and deltros cage for storm spells

Serafen barb with dual sabers

Eder swash with dual spears, persistent distraction and engagement modal

Mirke shadow dancer with daggers and alcohol

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I second the Xoti dual-mortars stunning surge ranged single-class monk build. The folks here in the forums suggested it to me, and I like her so much more than I did when I tried to use her as a priest or monk/priest!


Basically get both mortars from Serafen (one he starts with, one you get at the end of his quest, which you can do fast) and dual-wield them, as a single-class Monk get Enduring Dance and Stunning Blow/Surge. Aim for clusters of guys, and odds are pretty good that one of the hits will crit, which refunds the cost of Stunning Blow. Rinse, repeat. My highest damage dealer.


I also love the "Engaging Eder" build which Frog Man gestured to. Google for "engaging Eder" and it'll come up.

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