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Making a Companion

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Is it possible and how would I begin to create (coding) a new companion complete with dialog tree? Though, I don't care about the relationship disposition stuff.

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That depends on what you mean by "new".


If you want to create a new companion with a new model, then that is not possible at the moment. If you have no problem reusing existing character models, then the most work will be the dialog tree. Editing/creating dialogs is work intensive and relationship disposition is actually one of the easier parts.


The Problem is that dialogs depend on multiple files and I am not aware of a program that can link those files conveniently for modding.


How to start...


1. Pick the data of an existing companion in characters.gamdatabundle as a role model and edit it to your liking.

2. Dialogs depend on conversationbundle and stringtable files. Both are sectioned by maps and/or topics like "companion". Pick some as role models too, and create your own.

3. After several hours of trail and error :banghead:  you will give up or succeed and present us with your knowledge :geek: 

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