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Thanks Raven. I'd love to see a build.


Does 135 deflection cut it? I thought you needed 160+ on potd?


Also how do you deal with arcane dampener?


I've had a tough time finding a solo potd build that can facetank and deal decent damage. Maybe this is it.

Arcane Dampener doesn't seem to get rid of Brilliant.

Most casters you can just kill (Risen mage + Red Hand Arquebus Twin Shot) or interrupt.

Against the Sigil Megaboss I just ran away when they cast it and my phantom absorbed the Dampener.

135 Deflection was without Wizard's double but with Great Shield it's actulally 150+ without Double and 190+ with.

Potd i8s not that much about deflection tho, offense is always the best defense and this class has a ton of healing.

Little showcase of level 19 build here: 

Build will most likely be uploaded tomorrow.

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