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Impact of playing in offline mode

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Hello, i have a question of playing in offline mode.


So i was playing on my Ipad without wifi. A prompt came up, saying that gold and store will be disabled. i didn't think too much about it, because i figured i can still play the game.


However, when i close a location, i realised i didn't get the associated gold.


Will i still get the gold, post hoc, after i connect to wifi? or is the gold as good as gone?

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There is also one huge flaw for playing in the offline mode apart from "Oh, I don't earn gold that may be used only for some small things like chests, runes or charms. Not a big deal." The hidden problem is the absence of any step that lets you clean the "Stash" during continuous offline play.

Say, you acquire 15 boons in average on any scenario. If you play 10 scenarios offline, you have ~150 cards in the Stash. Even though there might be some streaming of data to the app, it still takes a lot of memory. So you may end up in situation, where the game takes forever just to load the cards in the Stash. And you can banish those cards (for a little gold, yay!!) only when online.


Edit: Also, if you play some scenario at a particular difficulty for the first time, you get some gold (for Legendary difficulty, it is always). If, however, you complete that scenario offline, it will be marked "finished", but you don't get the gold reward at all, even when replaying online. Maybe it got changed since I finished the whole campaign, but I don't believe so.

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