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[3.1.1] loooooots of repeating supply items in vendor inventory



Don't know when this got introduced, maybe 3.1, maybe 3.1.1... don't think it was as far back as 3.0.


Basically, watch this video of me scrolling through the ship supplier in nekataka:


....yeah... there was actually a real item in the midst of all that but i'd be hardpressed to find it again. I think it's only ship vendors because I don't recall seeing e.g. the Dark Cupboard or the herbalist shop having such a long selling inventory.


Dropbox link to output_log and save:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/blz9z6ajm16nadz/AADrvBfhJz_PMnBXVcJHqVuva?dl=0


edit: is it rymrgand's challenge related? I think i've sold some spoiled food to these vendors, maybe something is up.

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Hey everyone!


Thanks again for all the help with these posts!  Vendors infinite supply items being repeated and the daily wage(for real this time!) should be fixed in the 4.0 update so stay tuned for the update to come to the Beta Patch branch soon!


Thank you all!

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