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PoE3 Ideas - Class resource suggestion

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All classes should have own form of resource generation. I find classes with resource generation obviously more fun than those without.


Monk - Wounds (receive wounds when receive damage)

Priest - Prayers (receive faith when praying)

Paladin - Zeal (receive more zeal when holy slaying :p)

Barbarian - Rage (receive more rage when deal more damage)

Wizard - Mana (channeling mana from absorbing essence)



There's also a problem with resource generation. I find classes that can gain resource actively (eg. receiving or dealing damage) has inherent

advantage over classes that generate resource at a time interval (for example, chanter). 


RP wise aside (my emphasis on the discussion is not more to RP but gameplay).


When levelling, you pick the same spell/ability like in poe2. All abilities or spell cost resource (similar like cipher focus).

You get 70% cost reduction for selecting the spell/ability you want upon leveling.


For example wizard, fireball cost 100 mana to cast. But you have this skill upon leveling and it only cost 70 mana instead of 100.

For spells/ability that you don't own it will cost 50% more mana. In this case it will cost 150mana instead of 100.


This is just a general idea. Yes some will argue this is boring because all classes played the same. Which the point i want to make

is that: it isn't fair. Some classes can have infinite resources (depending on time like chanter). There are pros and cons of this

mechanic which is: time.


Let's say you gain 1 chants per 3 sec. So obviously get 10 chants by 30 secs (for most battle last between 40secs - 1 minute?)

And you can only do so much within this time period and you have NO other means in recouping more resources and therefore leaving

not much choices where you can only choose the best ability for that time period.


If you gain resource from other means than time (waiting, in this case of chanter), you don't have to waste time to regain your

resource where you can end the battle sooner.


This is the reason i find that Cipher is so much fun to play compared to other classes. Worst of other classes like caster, you only have 2 cast per encounter. When you miss (this is often the case you miss alot with your nuker) and after that your nuker is just useless. Otherwise the only thing they can do which is just auto attacking which is pointless (as it deals miniscule damage as that it's not their intended class or they have to multiclass)


Thoughts and discuss?

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I strongly disagree that 2 cast per level aren't enough - especially in later levels Wizards rule, and if you pick right spells, for right situations they rarely miss. 

Personally, I like that different classes have different mechanics. It helped to fleshout differences between classes. If anything, new system works in favour of previously per-rest casters, as a clear advantage of ciphers is muddled (being able to cast in every encounter). Mana system for wizards is a reasonable system, but would require a complete redesign of spells.

I prefer having differences in mechanics and resurce management for each class. 

Giving everyone resource regeneration system would make more sense in classless system, possible with an ability to choose between couple different resource regenerations (passive, by doing damage, by receiving damage etc.). 

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