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[BUG] Ruasare



Hi !

I have this issue/bug: I completed the "cruel cargo" quest but couldn't talk to Ruasare anymore.

I assume that the problem appears, because I first talked to her without Aloth -getting the quest- and shortly after talked again to her with Aloth to trigger the soulsequenz and finish his quest...

After that Ruasare tells that "not to come closer, outsider" and although freeing all slaves and so on... she still stays stubborn...  :-(


Is this already known to you... I'm really eager to finish this quest! :)



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Hello Lyrs,


We have had several issues with Ruasare in the past, but they should all have been fixed at this point.  Would you be able to provide me with your save file where this is occurring so that we can have the QA and Area Design teams investigate the issue?  If needed, you can find instructions on where to find your saves here.  If you could either attach that save here or send it to me at support@obsidian.net along with your forum user name and a link to this thread as a reference, that would be great!


Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

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Hi SChin, 


thanks for your cooperation.

At time I spending less time with the game, but recently i played and it seemed to be fixed.

The whole cruel cargo-questioning began at the beginning. (Seemed that Ruasare had an reset)

Two theories by my own :)

a) it was fixed by an update

b) I started the storyline in cooperation with the huana faction - maybe that reset the ruasare dialog?


Nevertheless it worked and i can play further with the huana on my side. 

Thanks and best regards

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