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So I and my 3 friends all just bought this game on sale because we used to play the tabletop version before they moved away.  I, apparently wrongly, assumed we would be able to play together online same as we would be able to in person.  Was a multiperson game really turned into a single player system for the computer?!  Why?


Is there any way to play together that I'm not seeing?  Please help!


Thank you

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Yeah! It was really the thing that everybody was waiting for... The consept of Digital Pathfinder adventures was and is a good idea. Super fun in multiplayer, but the game was/is just so complex that different card and scenario interactions caused so much bugs and unexpected effects that the whole workproses of the programmers did go to fix all those different bugs instead of making the multiplayer and other enhancement like random scenarios that was implemented long time, but taken of because there was even more bugs in that mode.


I would definitely show thumbs up to Pathfinder adventures 2: or what ever. And hope that programmers have time to rewrite the code now that They have experience From the previous version. It is really just bug task to get right...

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On 4/27/2019 at 2:49 AM, trashmyego said:

There was a long list of promises they made about this game post-launch. The majority of them did not come to pass. 

Many of those goals were set something over three years ago, well before it was even known to be coming to PC, and a few before the game was even released.  The game has been in a relative steady-state since the PC launch in June 2017.

As far as things that fell off the roadmap:

  • Quest Mode and Multiplayer just didn't pan out due to the scope of the project, and remaining references were removed early 2017. 
  • The idea that a possible PC version would be free for mobile users was a goal that predated even the initial release in 2016.  Steam coupons were given to existing users for the PC launch, but these days you can pick up the base game for as little as $5 if you willing to wait for a periodic sale.

As someone else who stated with the mobile edition, I too would like to have seen more, but the present PC version is a fairly complete, standalone version of the Pathfinder ACG.

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