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There must be a way to [start and Skip] the entire intro section and immediately go to Character Creation screen and even more important have all the global variables flagged and immediately after character creation be placed on the shores of the starting zone.


Please let there be a super secret console command, config, -command line, or mod to do this, that somebody knows of. If I do the whole intro one more time I think I'm going to lose it. Some mods creations it's mandatory that for things to setup and work properly a fresh character at level 1 start at character creator.





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I do understand you, but I would not count on a mod to speed things up so soon. Without programmers knowledge one would literately have to crawl through thousands of files.


If you want to do it, I can help you with the maps names and IDs.


        AR_2101_Prologue_Exterior = 116391750,
        AR_2102_Prologue_Berath = 319612753,
        AR_2103_Prologue_Battle = 2106155671,
        ZN_21_Prologue = 1458249676,


Prologue is its own ZoneType and number 2 in the RegionEnum. The textures are stored under PillarsOfEternityII_Data\assetbundles\streamtile "st_ar_2102_prologue_berath.unity3d" and "st_ar_2101_prologue_exterior.unity3d". No idea where the scripts are.

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The exec command might help you out - it can't load you straight to the beach in the correct state, but it can run automation scripts. It's a lot faster than humans at navigating UIs and conversations.  We have a couple that can automatically play from the main menu all the way to the end of the Ship Cabin part of the prologue.  We don't have one that will stop you at character creation and pick up afterward, but if you look at these scripts you can probably produce your own (you can get help debugging them with ToggleExecDebug).


I attached the relevant ones. You should put them in '/Pillars of Eternity II/Batch Files' for the game to find them. The one I mentioned is 'MainMenuSkipIntro.txt' (run with exec MainMenuSkipIntro). If you move your mouse while it's trying to press buttons you might mess it up.


Alternatively, what I do when I have to test the beginning of the game a lot is enable cheats and just Shift+T teleport everywhere.  If you use SetZoomRange to increase the max zoom range you can teleport straight from Berath to the ship cabin this way.





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Sorry, I couldn't resist. :lol:

Well, it’s a good thing a mod did it! I was seriously thinking... “must I? Is it really up to me? And all that”

So I’m glad someone did it, cause it had to be done.

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I somehow failed to mention that the execs are actually just a sequence of console commands the game will run in order, with some additional "programming" commands (anything starting with "Batch"; you can find them with "find"). So anything you can run in the console you can run in an exec script.

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