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Respec in CRPGs - Am I alone?


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respec is invariably an optional feature.  for those offended by the exploitative nature o' respec, the solution is simple and obvious: do not respec. axiomatic.


converse, as has become obvious from recent crpg releases, respec is a boon for many players who must endure developer error for weeks or months. whatever beliefs a few folks have 'bout the integrity o' single-player crpg gaming, it is beyond question the developers will make mistakes during development.  features often do not work the same on thursday as they did on monday.  particular in the case o' a game such as p:km, which uses antiquated over-dependence on pre-requisites for feats n' such, a player may build a character for dozens o' hours and then discover that the keystone ability they were building their character 'round does not actual work... at the moment.  


many people will respec to exploit.  so what? is sp games we reference, yes? so what if bob respecs at level 12 'cause then he can change is vanilla fighter to a rogue/vivisectionist/traditional monk/two-handed fighter to take advantage o' ________ weapon or _______ feat? doesn't bother Gromnir.  is only a problem in any event 'cause developers created an unbalanced game, so espoused notions o' gaming integrity is hardly convincing.  (am suspecting many folks arguing 'bout respec not realize they is actual providing another argument for greater game balance, but such is another argument for another thread.) other side o' the coin is dave who respecs not to exploit but 'cause o' the predictably endemic developer errors which lead to bugs which decrease the efficacy and/or fun o' a character after hours and hours and hours and hoursandhoursandhoursandhours of gameplay. should dave need suffer with a broken character simple to prevent bob's exploitive impulses?  why?   how does such weighing o' relative benefits and costs work to support exorcism o' respec? 


oh, and most folks who has played long running pnp campaigns will know respec happens all the time.  dm changes mind 'bout rule or the addition o' a prestige class or whatever.  it happens. is common for minor changes to a character to be made to accommodate dm alterations to rules... 'cause the dm who changes mind 'bout rules but then forces the player to maintain the integrity o' their character record sheet is not gonna keep many players. 


HA! Good Fun!

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