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[3.02] Trapped in Crucible Arena after lagaufeth



After defeating the lagaufeth in one of the Seeker challenges, combat ended, but victory was not acknowledged. The Seeker never spoke, so now I'm trapped in here.


Not sure what could have gone wrong. Perhaps I killed everyone before the last pop-ups spawned? I did have a character go down and get revived. I'm not sure what else. I never broke the barrels... which seemed to cause the broodmother to idle after being hit with a empowered delayed fireball.


Considering this was one of the last few fights I had left in the entire game before winning Trial of Iron, it's quite sad.


Dropbox link to save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/scltgb8rykxoypz/Atla%20Skarls%20%28fbdf9849-fcf7-45e4-a499-89955b381682%29%20%28LAX-12ABCDEF%29%20trialofiron.savegame?dl=0


I'm hoping I can get a previous save from Steam Cloud by exiting without internet access.

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Hello Adra Spatula,

Sorry about this issue causing you to get stuck.  I tested it myself with your save and had the same result so I've put a bug report together and sent it to the QA and Area Design teams to investigate.  in the meantime, I teleported your party back into the temple and navigated a bunch to make sure you were still working properly.  It looks like the last combat completed as well, as the next one for the Seeker is available, but if you notice any other funny business, please let me know. 


Here is the link to your updated save file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cD8o7frQmMvJptnvBBIByuRxw-5W3B4o


Thanks again for reaching out to us about this and sorry for the inconvenience it caused.

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