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I wonder where such items can be obtained. I've felt that most of items in the game are for right-click dealers. Any suggestion for Casters, especially Druid (Fury)? I'm looking for Armor and Helmet, specifically. Recommendations for the other equipment would be welcome, too.

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Aloths leather


Upgraded Griffin's blade (10% damage to spells)

Sun and Moon.

All keyword PL equipment for different spells (like Lord Daryns Voluge for electricity)

Damn I'm really salty about the no random encounter bug for many games already.


I was thinking its possiblity due to the default reactivity of poe1.


Any good folk can send me their saved games for poe1 that makes devil of carroc armor available?


If I can iron this out, we can possibly help obsidian much easier on fixing the bugs

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Here are some useful ones, you can find more details about the items on the Deadfire wiki:

Kuaru's Prize (Ring)


Shroud of the Phantasm (Cloak)


Mask of the Grotto Deep (Helm) 

Whitewitch Mask (Helm)

Pearlescent Rhomboid Helstone (Helm)

Revku's Fractured Casque (Helm)

Firethrower's Gloves

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Rekvu's Scorched Cloak makes you immune to all fire damage and instead heals you. Perfect for a caster who likes to nuke his surroundings (and himself) with fire spells. Add Magran's Favour and Sun and Moon for +4 Power Level for all fire spells and wear Ring of Focused Flames for +10 ACC with fire spells.


Other items with effects on casting are Blightheart and Chromoprismatic Staff.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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