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[3.0.1] AI bug


I occasionally see an odd AI bug. I haven't figured out how to replicate it reliably, so I don't have a save file handy, but here's how it works:


If I set a custom AI where the final item on the list is "Always True" but has a timer, the game will occasionally ignore the timer and simply repeat that action until the character runs out of the resources to perform it. I can work around it by adding an Always True auto-attack to the end of the list, but if someone doesn't notice that it's happening, it could hamstring their character without them realizing why.


The scripts where I've specifically noticed it being a problem are specifically scripts that are buffing only. It's not as much of a problem if a character uses the same attack multiple times in a row, but if they spend all their resources casting the same buff six times in a row while it's still active, it becomes an issue. (I believe it's only buffs that require a timer in the AI trigger, but I haven't checked recently whether buffs that can use an inspiration trigger do the same thing.)


I just now encountered it in 3.0.1, but I've seen it in earlier versions of the game as well.


For the playthrough where I just encountered it, I tried creating a save file, but then I loaded that save four more times and it didn't trigger again.

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Hello Jww,


Thank you for letting us know about this!  I'll put a bug report together for this and see if the QA or Programming teams can get a reproduction case so they can fix it.  If you happen to discover anything else about this, please continue to post it here as I will be linking this thread to the bug report to be used as a reference.


Thanks again for the help Jww!

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