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The tooltip text



This isn't so much a bug as an issue (problematic) when there are a lot of buffs and de-buffs on the tooltip; both characters and monsters. It becomes to clustered with text and either goes off behind other GUI Elements or goes off the screen because it can't orient itself properly.


The fix I'd most like to see are: 1) Remove the double carriage returns and 2) make the font slightly smaller.





Sidenote: I made a little mod that removes all Immune: ______, Resistance: ______, and Weakness: ______ buff/de-buffs on tooltips [mostly because I feel playing on Expert should not have that anyway] but there can still be way too much text on the tooltip to read everything applied to a creature/character.


Pillars I. had smaller text and were not spaced out so far from each other. Do that. =)

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Hey Rolandur!


Thank you for reporting this issue to us!  Fortunately(or unfortunately) this has been an understandably common issue among players and we already have a fix in progress.  The fix is currently undergoing testing to make sure that it works and that it doesn't break anything else.  Keep an eye out for future patch notes to see when the fix goes live or when it becomes available on the Beta Patch branch if you want to test it out early.


Thanks again for the help Rolandur, and sorry for the inconvenience this bug has been causing.

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