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FPS degradation and memory leak still not fixed in patch 2.1


Patch 2.1 did not fix the FPS degradation and memory leak. It's still as bad for me.


Below 40 fps and over 3GB ram usage after just 2 hours.



AMD Ryzen 5 1600X


16GB 3200Mhz ram


Windows 10


Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB



DxDiag attached






FPS before:



FPS after restart:



RAM usage before:



RAM usage after restart:












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Hello Obsidian,


I'm sorry that this has been a long fix coming.  I believe the previous patch fixed another issue that started in 2.0.1, but you seem to be having the major FPS issue that has been plaguing folks with high end graphics cards since Deadfire released and the Programming team is still trying to fix this.  The issue is considered so major that it is has been our number one priority for fixes for quite awhile now.  The team has been unsuccessful at reproducing the issue with any of the hardware internally and externally and have recently taken to purchasing more hardware in the hopes of reproducing the issue.  I have added your system specifications to the bug report so they will have more information about what kind of hardware is having this issue.


Sorry for the inconvenience this bug has been causing you.

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