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Something weird with performance. Rogue drops my fps.

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How's it going?


I have something strange worked out with deadfire's performance. I beat the game with my Arcane Knight and never really experience an issue. Well... I lost some fps in some areas when stacking a lot of spells, sure. But I think a lot of people have taken that for granted and are not really arsed by it anymore. 


Thing is, I started a Ghost Heart/Trickster and I noticed that as the game progresses so does my fps tank down consistently. Most often I summon my pet, then confounding strike, then combo with skills, and then run away. It seems my fps go down by about 5 every time I kill an enemy until I am at 10 at all times. I test that in Queen's berth, by the way. Confounding strike is, without a doubt, the culprit in my case, but the pet, I notice, also causes problems. And some of the other skills, like Shadowing Beyond add to the weight, as well.


Then, I clear Queens Berth with my Arcane Knight and my fps don't go bellow 40 even when I have 6 guards on the screen plus Chill Fog, Freezing Pillar, Bitter Mooring, Crushing Doom and Meteor Shower... After that my fps go up. In the Brass Citadel my fps almost never go bellow 60 even when I stack spells like that, but my performance worsens if I clear it with my Ghost Trickster toon the same way it does in Queen's, though it has a few more fps. 


Hope that helps somebody out there, and I hope that somebody from Obsidian would bat an eye, too!  


ps: sry for typo in title. 

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FYI, you can edit your title by choosing "edit" -> "use full editor". 



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Cheers, thanks. 

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