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I found the background skills for some of the backgrounds a little bit odd in terms of logic and rp. So I changed them.


    Dissident      : History => Streetwise
    Hunter          : Alchemy => Stealth
    Laborer        : add Streetwise
    Scientist       : Arcana => Mechanics
    Philosopher  : Insight now (1), add Metaphysics (2) (Seriously, if there is one skill that screams "PHILOSOPHY", then it's metaphysics. ;) )
    Clergy          : add History
    Raider          : Stealth => Explosives
    Apprentice    : add History
    Farmer         : made Survival/Religion/Streetwise
    Gentry          : add History and Bluff
    Marksman    : add Alchemy
    Midwife         : Explosives => Insight
    Trapper        : add Alchemy


Here is the link



Unpack it into the override folder as all the other mods.


Here is also a list of skill IDs, if someone want the backgrounds different.


Alchemy            = "SkillID":"1b26af87-fd19-4dc6-9380-4f5cec7aefd5"
Arcana              = "SkillID":"e5f33551-ec5c-4cc8-b5f2-1eb03d210374"
Athletics            = "SkillID":"fefc4d3d-250d-4c32-85e0-62a851240e62"
Bluff                  = "SkillID":"6fa62ec8-6695-4a1d-8553-7486b0ac20c4"
Diplomacy         = "SkillID":"c7e22ee0-bdd6-4ca8-99f0-a46f3dd66606"
Explosives         = "SkillID":"e67f20e3-5bf9-4d87-9bda-211405107362"
History               = "SkillID":"c6b6f87a-0381-4219-93eb-77ae2b64f0af"
Insight                = "SkillID":"f5d2c2bf-1ffd-4741-b6d8-31ae01985d4b"
Intimidate           = "SkillID":"3ad9194b-4f41-480e-aa75-1c82df43be84"
Mechanics          = "SkillID":"3affbb70-86bd-41f3-82c6-325326d40796"
Metaphysics       = "SkillID":"98051b85-d7e5-4746-a66c-260e2fcd2d4b"
Religion              = "SkillID":"98cc5a0d-1387-42e3-9202-417bc42b53ad"
Sleight Of Hand  = "SkillID":"3b073ebf-0a4a-48a3-947d-ad38bef10b36"
Stealth                = "SkillID":"8cc41e27-e62f-4e75-9f7d-ae47986895d2"
Streetwise           = "SkillID":"eb8da173-4a3e-4910-94e8-dd0c1436ca40"
Survival              = "SkillID":"9c7962b8-bf69-4670-ba67-acc86a09fca8"


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Is this by chance compatible with Backgrounds Unlocked mod?  or can you upload a version that does both?  I love your changes but I also hate the restriction based on nation.


Should work also with the Backgrounds Unlocked, they change different bundles

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