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Is Llengrath doable as a super glass cannon Cipher/Help with a custom party?

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Hey guys, 


So, I kind of feel like, before I say I killed Llengrath in Deadfire, I need to actually clear the fight. Unfortunately, this is proving more challenging than expected. 


My Watcher is currently a VERY squishy Blunderbuss Cipher. I'm wanting to try to do the fight on Hard, and I was hoping for some custom adventurer builds and strategies. I know this fight is doable, and it's my last big thing to get done in the first game. 

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The dragon's fear aura targets your will defense. Choose those two cipher talents that retaliate against will attacks with stun + raw damage. The Dragons will perma-stun and ultimately kill themselves, if you stay alive long enough. I think psychic backlash is the name of the first talent. 

Use potions of vital essence, defensive and CC cipher powers to stay alive, maybe borrowed instinct to push your accuracy, and a scroll of immunity against fear. Kill Llengrath early. Disintegration and recall agony are also great cipher powers for beating meaty foes like dragons. But as Boeroer pointed out, the good old whispers of treason works just fine (and is maybe the most cost-efficient solution in terms of focus spend).

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