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So I am coming close to the end of the game.. Soon I'll go into Goblins 1 though... but I have yet to beat it all on legendary. Done a few on hard.


Anyway.. when I leveled I basically just improved what they had.. so if they had high dexterity, I made it even better... I also expanded blessings to maxed out first in most cases, spells first for casters. Then Allies. So I have max blessings and "explore again".


Some things I have noticed. As you level up and get more card I seem to not use heal spells as much. In fact around 3 I took all my heals out and have not put them back in. In most cases the natural heal ability that the monk girl has is enough. This is even more so once you get recharge blessing skills and all those helping blessings are recharged instead of going to trash.


I'm starting to think of cooler builds and was hoping to see some in this area, but there dosn't seem to be actually any builds posted.


I have a few builds I could post.. but most are only tested in the real game not in the video game version.

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He heh, Kyra is a cleric of Sarenrae, not a bare-hand-fighting monk like Sajan, but yes, her ability is good. However, I honestly did not use it for almost the whole playthrough and very seldom use it even on Legendary. Without Kyra or Seelah with their blessing-cycling powers, you will need the healing spells very much, especially in Legendary plathrough. Mass Cure is also looks very good, but consider you need two characters at the same place - in my case (Legendary restricts movement!), it is often sitting on the hand, doing absolutely nothing.

As to your builds - I usually also increase the skills that are dominantly represented by the character. Merisiel needs her Dex+4, Seoni Cha+4. Beyond that, however, I usually do not have any great plan unless the character desperately needs a secondary skill. Harsk with spell-casting powers (Dex=>Wis), Seelah (in my case Wis=>Str and not the other way around) come to mind.
Sometimes it is very entertaining to put skill points in some weird place. However, for better survivability in Runelords, Wisdom is one of the key skills. So if I don't know where to put skill feat, Wisdom is the way to go (unless that character has Wis 1d4 or so).


If you look for any builds, go to paizo.com or maybe boardgamegeek.com, there should be more than enough in the forums there! :)

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Once you know the game well, it will be easy enough on Normal that you can't really mess up a character so badly that they can't win. Legendary takes more planning, but even there, a wrong stat point won't kill you. Having said that, RotR is a combat-heavy set, so it's almost always a mistake to choose any stat without maxing your main combat stat first. This means:


Kyra, Valeros, Seelah, Amiri, Poog, Tontelizi get STR

Merisiel, Harsk, Sajan, Ranzak get DEX

Ezren gets INT

Seoni, Lem, Tup get CHA

Lini gets WIS


Don't be fooled by Kyra, Seelah, or Poog. They are fighters. They get too few spells to be primary spellcasters, and their spells are Divine, which are mostly not Combat, and with one or two exceptions, not powerful enough to base a build on for late game. You could argue for giving Lem his +2 DEX (his secondary stat) early on, but I don't--I'd rather support an underpowered Lem for the first couple adventures and then have him come into his own by AD2 or so.


As Jenceslav said, WIS is almost always the best secondary stat, as WIS checks come fast and furious in the mid-to-late game. The exceptions are Lem, Lini, and Tup, all who are better off choosing DEX to support their physical weaponry.

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