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Daily challenge reward not recorded



Since few time, i suspected something weird with the daily challenge reward. So, i had put a look on that today.

When i finish a daily challenge, i well see the popup on the right of the screen that credit gold (with the right value).

But on next screen after finishing the adventure, or when i go back in welcome screen, the gold is no more on my pocket.


Does it happen to other people too?

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It may be device- or system-specific, but when the added gold flashes on the right part of my screen (giving X gold to a starting value of A), usually the final amount shown is A+2X instead of the correct A+X. That is a purely visual bug and should not cause you to 'lose' gold coins. The amount X is (as far as I am aware) almost always correct according to the in-game texts and shown challenge rewards, which sometimes was 'not exactly' true. Of course, there is something fishy about Fighter's Tales legendary rewards ;), but otherwise it is OK.

Maybe you are experiencing something like this? Record the gold number before finishing the challenge and just after and note the difference. If it is the value shown in the challenge reward, you are OK.

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I did another test today, with "Local Heroes only with Lem". It's weird than that.


Before starting mission, gold : 26 651

First location closed +5 : 26 661 (what ?! +10 ?)

2nd location closed +5 : 26 666

3dr location closed +5 : 26 671


For this mission, the reward is made after selling the extra cards collected.

So... skip button to pass the post mission chat and i see the Victory screen, and surprise : 26 666 !

After selling extra card +3 : 26 669

Finally reward for Local Heroes +150 : 26 819


At this step, it seems to be a visual bug after the first location.


I will do  another test tommorow with another kind of daily challenge.

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Did you confirm that gold count by clicking on the button to go back to Main Menu or Shop or Collection?

My guess: 26 651 => 26 656 (showing briefly +10, 26 661); second location 26 656 => 26 661 (showing briefly +10, 26 666)

Sometimes, the rewards for the daily challenge are seemingly doubled as well. I think it is a general bug :(

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Yes, the amount was the same when i clicked on the Main Menu button.


I did another check with the daily challenge today.

Started at : 26 366

1st closing +5 : 26 371

2nd closing +5 : 26 381 (not good)

3rd closing +5 : 26 386

4th closing +5 : 26 381 (not good, missing 5 here. 4 locations closed means earning 20 total, it should be 26 386)

And after the 5th location done (3 team members) the +5 popup did not ring for this last stage.


The +100 reward for daily challenge poped-up on victory screen.

I sold cards for +28


Finally, at home screen, i can see the final amount : 26 514

It sounds good regarding the last amount : 26 381 +100 +28 +5 (last stage) but...

It is not consistent with what it should be.

26 366 +25 (5 locations closed) +100 (reward) +28 (cards) = 26 519


Only 5 gold missing, but there is a bug somewhere. In this case, it's only the value of a location, but sometimes i am pretty sure that it could impact the daily challenges. Specifically the ones that could occur during the game, like "Acquiring 15 allies" or "Bury 15 cards", etc.

I will pay some attention on those ones when they will occur in the week.

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