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save import issue



I've been trying to import save form poe1, but it's not working for some reason. I got a blank screen whenever I tried the import option


here's my gamecomplete.savegame file.




Edit: I play both game on steam windows 7 64 bit. the save files are under "C:\Users\Administrator\Saved Games".


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Hey Rehab,


Sorry you're having troubles with the PoE1 save import.  I just want to make sure that both the Pillars I and Pillars II save game sub folders are in the same parent folder.  Also, what operating system are you using and what platform are you playing Deadfire with(Steam, GOG, Origin, MacPlay, etc)?


Sorry for the inconvenience this bug is causing.

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thank for the reply


they are both in C:\Users\Administrator\Saved Games, I play both games on steam, windows 7.


the thing is deadfire clearly register something is there, but for some reason can't recognize it. when I removed poe1 save from the parent folder, the deadfire import menu shows"no saves found", when I move the save back this screen always appears.

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