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Interesting Fire Conversion Mechanics (Not Completely New)

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So I was toying around with Rekvu's Scorched Cloak for a while and the results was quite meh.


Since Beast of Winter came out, I decided to revisit self heal via Fire Conversion and found that it kinda clicked.


Just to note that I used some of the DLC equipments like Guardian Plate and Brooch of Inevitable Winter for testing.


Guardian Plate synergized with the self confusion from Berserker Frenzy, and the Brooch increased the Fire Dmg taken


What I tried was to make use of Confusion to inflict Combustion Wounds on myself. And try to get hit quite a bit. The Maker's Own Power can be used to "store" hits to ramp up / power CW whilst significantly lowering incoming dmg. Area Harzards like Wall of Fire is also used to accumulate CW dmg (Wall of Fire on its own is not sufficient, Bloodfire usually heals for 0 dmg via direct WoF hits). Guardian Plate provides high armour with low Fire AR which suits the cause.


So the results were quite decent I think.






Side notes are that (some posters already stated this) injury should be serious burn to lower the Fire DR further, and forget about +heal effects as they are not involved in the conversion. So just try to buff the Fire Dmg and Pen as high as possible whilst lower self Fire AR as much as possible.


Together with Savage Defiance's self heal, the self sustainability is sort of viable right now.

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I'm doing the same with a Warlock (Son of Rekvu ;)) atm. I wanted to post a build about it in the future.


A good trick (edit: as you said) is to cause Severe Burn on yourself which lowers burn AR by 3. I use the Dancer's Outfit no. 2 - so I have 0 burn AR. This helps with overpenetration for fire attacks. CW can't be triggered by your own Wall of Flame because it doesn't damage you. At least for me it doesn't work. I need enemies' hits to trigger it. As you said usually Wall of Flame doesn't do enough damage to heal 1 point but with the brooch and 0 AR and Ring of Focused Flame I can get it to reliably heal 1. That's 1 per second which is nice. Fireballs are usually best for healing - especially empowered ones.

If you want to get CW healing you need some source of low dmg multihits (frenzy self dmg doesn't work). Like a fellow member shooting a weak blunderbuss at you or so. Or walking into a wall of thorns.


Exit: sorry, overread your severe burn part.


I'm still searching for a way to trigger my Combusting Wounds more reliably by myself...

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Hahaha I think you should post the build. You will likely do a better write up anyways.


I was playing around Bloodfire via combustion wounds for a while, but somehow I wasn’t happy with the results. I don’t know if it’s observation bias but using those dlc items just made the heal much more sustainable.


Just excited that there is a decent way of doing indirect way healing that is not the common methods like Unbending, BBD or the common heals.


I just gonna start one playthrough, and work in Retaliation via Flameshield. Dumping Res ofc, which also extends hostile effects and is also what is needed lol. Another thing is that Arcane Dampener doesn’t work against this build too much too :)

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I also found it interesting - but the cape is a late item so I had to come up with some alternative (when lobbing fireballs onto your own head) as long as you don't have it.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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