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Update: it seems the "no flee from combat" from Beraths Challenge wasn't tested ... in Hasango it seems that I trigger enemies in an area that is only accessible via door/stairs, but because I'm in combat I can not get there. This bug is reproduceable for me ... I need to test if I can sneak through this or if I must skip Hasango completely.

found a way around it ... forgot there are multiple ways, but had to fight through the whole map in one combat


Another issue with "no flee from combat": doing multiple ship fights (by boarding them) in a row does not replish your class ressources in between, you have to go the an area (or your ship) to have all ressources in your next ship fight.

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As the title says.


I played the game as soon as it was out, but i uninstalled it after only a few days.


The reason? Even on PoTD the game was disappointingly easy.



So, some months have passed. We reached patch 2.0.


How is the game now ?


Should i give it a try or is it still the same as before?


Iirc PotD wasn't implemented correctly at release. The battles got more challenging for sure. However PotD is what i would call veteran difficulty. A reall PotD should be a challenge even to veterans (which is not the case). But still, miles better than release.

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The game is more difficult early on, and in some specific encounters. But most encounters haven't been redesigned and become a cakewalk, past level 10 or so. Past that point literally 90% of fights you can sit back and drink coffee while the AI wins by itself. Same thing even with mods.


The problem is there is some very very powerful gear that is extremely easy to get a hold of, not too far into the game. And it's everywhere so you can't just ignore that 1-2 items. The game is clearly nowhere near balanced and challenge modes like no pausing or play solo aren't the solution. This is a party based RTWP game, not an aRPG, it's simply not as enjoyable when played that way.


The game isn't ready and I expect it won't be for another year or so. I don't regret backing the game + season pass but I am disappointed with it and can't bring myself to continue either of my 2 playthroughs or even try the DLC without significant additional balancing for PotD.

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