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[1.2] Summoned weapons don't restore "copied" weapons when they go away.



Simplest way to explain this is with pictures. I have the following set up on one of my characters:



If I cast spiritual weapon (summons pistol and sword) while using weapon set #1, the moment the spiritual weapon appears the axe is replaced with the special magran priest sword (as expected) but also all the "copied" versions of the axe disappears.


when the spiritual weapon wears off, the axe comes back, but not the copies.



Notably, if I have weapon set #3 active and cast spiritual weapon, then I only lose that one, the copy in weapon set #2 is still intact. I still don't get the copy back when the spiritual weapon wears off. See below:



(Similarly, if I have weapon set #2 active and cast spiritual weapon, I lose that one and the copy in #3 and I don't get any of them back when the spiritual weapon wears off.)


This has been an issue since 1.0 and is connected with any summoned weapon. Optimally, it would be best if the "copies" that currently get erased after summoning a weapon were left untouched and then the copy that gets replaced by the summoned weapon is restored.


Here's a dropbox link to an output_log as well as an autosave where one can play around with my CHARNAME setup and spiritual weapon to see this in action. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/osoffzyzj8b4fs6/AAA5lgkBGi4M8G71NAkkc967a?dl=0

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