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Losing level 1 skill upon retraining.



Upon reaching lvl 8 or 9 I decided to remove an ability which was not rolling it for me.  Upon retraining at Queen Berth inn, I lose my monk ability Swift Flurry on my Votary.  This is on the 2nd game file different character around the same level that this happens.  So it must be a bug when retraining and it downgrades to the basic form of Swift. I have 2 game files, different races, since I restarted the game because of the bug.  Now I have encountered the same problem upon retraining.


Just tested it, with a previous file I had where I had not upgraded into Swift Flurry on my multiclass character.  I dont lose any skills, with the file that the skill is upgraded, I lose both Swift Strikes and Swift Flurry.


Any help would be appreciated.


included a pic and send a shared link emailed at bugs@obsidian.net with the save files.


*Edit: I seem to lose any beginning skill that has been upgraded on the watcher.  including the prerequisite for Sworn Rival also, which was chosen at creation.


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Guest Psychovampiric Shield

Allow me to hijack the thread and say that respec often is, even if it was bug-free, unnecessary overhead, because player may want to change only one or two things, take one skill instead of another, or weapon proficiency etc., and clicking through every level up again is super tedious. We can not change class or starting abilities anyway, so more lightweight/precise respec would be more useful.

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Can confirm that this is still occurring as of the 3.0 beta patch.

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