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No companion loss faction?

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I did a loophole and I think the game wasn't prepped for it at the time - it may have changed by now.


I think if you try to ally with someone and then back out once they tell you the cost /quest to do it, they try to kill you. Then you end up killing enough people trying to get out that it lands a huge blow to the faction you were talking with.


*Then * you might be able to ally with who you want without having to do the nasty faction side quest, and that seems to sidestep the companion issue. In my game Pallegina and Maia stayed on my team, though Maia also completely failed to react to the fact that I technically killed the Hazanui.


This was before a lot of patches, so I can't guarantee the result.

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Turn down pirates.

Turn down RDC (Kill everyone).

Side with VTC.

Convince Tekehu to stay.

Keep everybody! Somehow.

Just a note, I think the first two let you get away with siding with anyone.  But I haven't tested the pirates one.

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