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[Feedback] Aloth's dispositions



Aloth is, by far, the companion with the fewest dispositions:





I understand not everyone can have 7 like Xoti or 8 like Tekehu, but 5 is a tad on the thin side.


It doesn't help that 3 out of 5 are negative, which makes Aloth artifically hard to please (i.e. he's not hard to please because he's got high standards, but rather because there aren't many things he reacts favorably to.) Adding one more thing he reacts favorably to would make for a more balanced scenario.


As a side note, I believe his reacting favorably to stewardship only makes sense if he's become the leader of the Leaden Key in PoE. In this case, he should also react negatively to Autonomy, which is its opposite (and existed at launch, except he always reacted favorably to it despite its being the opposite of Stewardship.)


If he, on the other hand, was made to destroy the Leaden Key, it would make more sense for him to react positively to Autonomy and negatively to Stewardship.

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Hi AndreaColombo,


I've added your issue regarding Aloth's dispositions to our database and will send these details along to our developers as feedback. We greatly appreciate any and all feedback you can give us.


Thanks for posting!



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