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[Bug] [1.0.2] AI Action Set Cooldown dosen't work



This happened once I installed the 1.0.2 patch.


AI companions started to use skills and abilities that should be on cooldown. 

They ignore the cooldown completely and only care about the conditions i set to them.


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Hi xamitxx,


I am assuming you mean Patch 1.2.0 yes? We are not seeing this issue presented in house, so would you mind sending me a save and a video of the issue in question?





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I wonder if this is the issue I'm having with combat where my characters are spamming a single ability constantly.


I watched my rogue archer trying to cast Withering Strike constantly. The recovery timer would complete and then just restart again. I never saw her actually go through the ability cast time. So in the end, my rogue did nothing in combat except try to use a single ability.


I had my warrior stuck trying to cast the change stance ability to use Conqueror Stance. He was doing the same thing my rogue was doing, standing there trying to use a single ability.


My wizard (Fassina) is repeating the phrase "death to my enemies" endlessly during combats (at least I think it's her doing it). There's maybe a 2 second delay before she says it again. Also, like the other characters, I saw her repeat trying to cast Rot Skulls.


All of these skills are setup in the Behavior AI with cooldowns set on them. It pretty much means I can only play the game so long as I don't enter combat right now.

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On a related note, Caleb—during the beta it was brought up that A.I. sets only check their conditions the first time. Then the cooldown kicks in and, when it expires, conditions are not evaluated again; rather, the action is executed regardless.


I have no idea whether this is still the case. Could you double-check?


It would be super good if conditions could be evaluated again before an action is re-executed.

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i dont have how to take a video. but i will describe it better.

I'm using a druid to buff the party as my first spell cast, for robust buff. then i put a 200 sec cooldown on it, so it wont be cast again. 

and he does. he just ignore the cooldown and cast it.

same thing with my barbarian, i had normal attack with a gun, then a cooldown, so he could switch.

but he is stuck with auto attack. he used to attack once with ranged weps and switch to melee, now if i dont interfere he just spam attacks. even though there is a cooldown on it.

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