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Hey guys, 


So... this is a bit of a weird one, but after polishing up a build that I think is gonna take me through PotD, I've noticed that I don't get a lot of the things that I think will be really fun to use with it (Instruments of Pain, The Dichotomous Soul) until level 19/20. But by then... how much game is there left to play? 


Assume I'm playing on PotD with level scaling turned ON. 


What are the major "endgame" areas of the game in terms of difficulty? I know any area should count, but I also know that you can still outpace the level scaling as is, without modding the game first. I've heard tell of the Drowned Barrows and Splintered Reef (Drowned Barrows actually has one of my ideal weapons to kit out my Wizard in it), but not much else besides that. Are there any other cool fights that remain relevant at level 20 with good gear? 


Essentially, it's the problem that I run into with a lot of RPGs - You hit max level, get really good gear, and then there's just nothing left for you to do except clear the critical path... which is much too easy anyway. 


I've also considered installing the Deadly Deadfire mod, but then I worry that that might make the game 'too' hard. I have difficulty clearing Port Maje as it is on PotD, and I don't want to put myself through too much pain. Would it be possible to install it and then only toggle it on after I clear the arena, so I can tackle it with better gear/more party members? 

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Enough in terms of quantity—yes. In terms of quality, not so much (i. e. stuff won’t be adequately challenging for the most part.) Hopefully the DLCs will add some high-level content for max-level parties.

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Yeah, until DLC comes, there are few quality fights for a high level party. Don’t get me started on the last fight available in the game... it was like a warm-up band, for an 80s rock group (really lame).

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